May 8, 2012

Summer Reading

As many of you may know, I'm an English major.  School's about to let out in a few weeks and I'm gearing up for plenty of free time. While I will be taking a few Spanish courses online, I'll be done with Shakespeare and American Lit for a while.
Which, of course, means beach reads. 
I'll be the first to admit that I'm that English major who ditches academic reading and goes for fluff all summer. I love a light read just as much as I love to dig into poetry.
So here are a few things I'm looking forward to grabbing as soon as I head home for the summer. Some of these I just picked up at the library (don't get me started about how underused I think libraries are!) but some I just have been meaning to read.

Katie Crouch writes fantastic adult novels, but this is her first YA novel. It appears to be about  secret societies in Savannah. Sounds like fun to me! 
Oh my goodness, these books are like CANDY. I love them. I am like the Becky Brandon of nail polish, y'all!

 This is a true story about two women who landed summer jobs at Tiffany in 1945! 
From Amazon:  Linwood Breedlove Scott's life has officially hit rock bottom. Her husband of thirty years has run off with a stripper. The IRS has taken everything but her coffee table. And her hot flashes are four-alarmers. The only thing that could make being flat-broke and fifty any worse is having to crawl home to her parents' house in Mimosa Branch, Georgia...which is exactly where she's headed.
A book about trophy wives? Why not?! 
I've read a few Jennifer Weiner books before and I love the idea of a suspenseful twist on lifelong friends. Looks like it will be a fun read for sure!

Did anyone else watch the TV series Privileged a few years back? It was one of my favorites, and this is the book it was based off of!  

What are you reading? Got any fun recommendations for us?

Stay beautiful,


  1. Hannah I love Summer At Tiffany! It was fab. If you haven't read Emily Giffin books-I highly recommend!!

  2. How cool, I had a summer reading post in the works last night, but I decided to hold off until I had a better book list going! Mine aren't necessarily beach reads - I prefer reading magazines, because it doesn't matter if they get sandy/wet/lotiony. If you'd like to read some more "challenged" Young Adult Lit, let me know. I have a whole list from the YAL course I took last semester!

  3. Eek! Excuse me while I run and get The Magnolia League right now! About Savannah societies? Oh that's a must read!!

    1. Em- you totally have to read her other books too. Most take place in Charleston or Savannah and they're so good!