May 20, 2012

Design Obsession: Chevron

Chevron is one of the hottest prints this season, and lately I've been obsessed with this simple, bold design for the home! Here are some cute and easy ways to incorporate chevron into your house or dorm.

Also- a lot of this was inspired by Pinterest! Both of us adore Pinterest so make sure to follow us to see what we're loving at the moment!  (Danielle & Hannah)

I love these duvets, and they come in a few fun colors. The teal is definitely my favorite!
Urban Outfitters Duvet
I love these storage boxes and the way this designer mixed chevron with vertical stripes!
(via The Office Stylist

This is a great DIY project, and a more understated use of Chevron.
While this is obviously a very bold use for a child's room, I still love this idea.
(via Apartment Therapy)
This is an adorable accent for a home or dorm room.  I love single letter monograms.
(via Prettymod Etsy store)  

Glitter Chevron Canvas- an easy DIY project that takes chevron to a new level of fun! 
I collect H's for my walls- this may need to be my next one!
(via CheekeeMonkees Etsy Shop)
I love this puzzle piece look with several chevron canvases! I want this in my dorm NOW!
(via Decor2urDoor)
Accent pillows are an easy way to incorporate this trend.
(via Decor2urDoor)

What are your thoughts on the chevron craze? Do you have any more fun ideas on incorporating the print into your home decor? Definitely share them, because I'm loving this trend!

Stay beautiful,

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  1. Oh I'm getting old. That nursery made me coo. So cute but I would love it in a more appropriate understated set of colors like linen with a sweet sage green!