May 21, 2012

Makeup in Art

Sometimes, the two of us are on the same wavelength with our crazy obsessions. This is one of those times. I think it's safe to say we both LOVE makeup-centered artwork. We both want to get pieces that will follow us to our next apartments or homes, so we've done a lot of searching. With that in mind, we've fallen in love with perusing  Etsy for artwork centered on our all-time favorite subject- makeup!
Here are some cute pieces and their respective stores.

This saying is so cute!
Shop: thejoiedevivre
The pop art style looks amazing with makeup tools. Plus, the seller will do the background in any color!
Shop: JplusMdesign
These MAC Shadows are so colorful and cute!
Shop: emmakisstina
THIS was made for us! Nail addicts to the core, we're totally obsessed.
Shop: emmakisstina
These little perfume bottles are so darling!
Shop: Cocodraws
This trio is so girly and gorgeous!
Shop: bunnypumpkin

I love the the idea of having this over a vanity or in my bathroom.

This is so simple and delicate, but perfect for any pink lipstick lover.
Shop: cocodraws

Hannah and Danielle 


  1. My roommate would LOVE these! You guys always find the coolest things.

    I've nominated Pretty Chatty for the Liebster Award!