May 7, 2012

Heat Wave Makeup

As things heat up for summer, our makeup may suffer. Long gone are the days of winter where we barely need a touch-up. Suddenly we're melting like popsicles and it's exhausting to even think about putting on a full face. That's not to say we don't love summer makeup, it's just that on a daily basis we might take down our routine a few notches.  Here are a few tips for a gorgeous, easy, melt-free summer look!
Here are 5 quick tips to help you handle the heat wave!

  1. Don't skip primer. It matters! It's like the base coat for your face, it helps everything stick.
    PC Picks: Smashbox Photo Finish Light and Rimmel Fix and Perfect

 2.  Switch to a tinted  moisturizer or BB cream for daytime. Foundation might feel too heavy in the sweltering sun.  Plus, lots of these formulas have SPF!

3. Learn to embrace one-step products for your lids. Lots of cream shadows now come with primer built in for incredibly long wear. Plus, you can sweep on one color, add mascara (waterproof or not) and go all day! 

4. Try tinted balms to add a pop of color without a lot of maintenance! 

5. Blend in some natural looking cheek color with stains! These can also double as lip stains! 
PC Picks: Benefit Tints (These come in a range from pink, to bronze to coral!) 
How do you beat the heat? Any great tips for fun summer makeup that lasts in the sun? 
Stay beautiful,


  1. I swear by my Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist - I use it to "jumpstart" my face in the morning, at least once in the afternoon (I carry a bottle in my Longchamp) for a refreshing feeling, and again at night just because :P

    I've never used tinted moisturizer. What are your tips on finding the right shade? Or does that even matter with that type of product?

    I've been dying to try cream shadow & the cheek stains, so they just might be my next purchases! Thanks for the great post!

  2. I am so dying to try that Garnier BB! Everywhere I've been they only carry the medium-deep shade though!!